First Exposure

I love taking photos of random things, places and random people. Usually have my compact camera or smartphone with me on which I capture things I see and experience. I have come to realise that I truly love taking photos and have therefore invested in a proper DSLR. I would love to share my photos and my experiences. I am still an amateur and am in the process of getting to know my camera and how all the settings work. So on this blog, you’ll most likely see me progress in terms of my first photographs and the latest one’s which will all be posted and shared.

Other than photos, you will also find posts on fitness, gadgets, maybe some fashion trends and generally anything that is fun and interesting. I love cycling, do some running and do try and eat quite healthy, so there might be some cycling training tips, tips on bikes and what to look for if you are considering starting. I’ve done two Cape Argus Cycle Tours and would love to do the Double Century this year or next, so there will be some information on training routines, what to eat on the bike and off the bike.

I have a 5 year old son, Luke, who keeps me extremely busy and young. He loves building Lego, reading comic books and playing on the Tablet and his PSP. I take him out to do some boy stuff, so you will see our trips to the beach and him attempting to learn cycling, skateboarding, surfing, body boarding and all things fun for young little boys. We have 2 gold fish, Batman and Robin, which we love dearly – just a pity they don’t do anything interesting to write about.

Basically, I’ll be writing about things I find interesting, topics people talk about and all things fun!


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