About Me

I believe in love and forever after.  Being accepted for who you are and living life to the fullest!  In having fun and laughing so much that the tears roll down your cheeks and your stomach hurts!  To love with all you have and to give to others who are less fortunate than you, whether it’s something materialistic, a small gesture or just your time, something which will have an impact on their lives.  To give hugs to those near and dear to you.  To make the best of every opportunity handed to you and not taking anything and especially anyone for granted!  To dream like there’s no tomorrow and endeavour to fulfil all your dreams as nothing is impossible and the sky is the limit.  To make mistakes and learning from them, to forgive fully, giving second chances and letting go of the past.  To see the past and your mistakes as life’s way of moulding you for a better tomorrow.  To say you’re sorry and not have your pride or stubbornness stand in the way.

Most importantly I believe that life is too short to have any regrets.  Live life to the fullest, enjoy the journey and share your love and passion with those around you!


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