Love Can – Song by Shaun Jacobs

I’ve been listening to this song and it definitely resonates to something I truly believe in and that is that Love can conquer all.  People hurt each other and make mistakes, but it’s strange how the people you love the most tend to hurt you.  It’s an awesome song with a wonderful message that really brings it through that love can conquer all.  You might not follow the path you originally thought, but you will get through the tough and hard times.  Just hold on to your love and hope.

The lyrics are as follows and you can also go listen to the song here:

Love Can (words and music copyright 2013 Shaun Jacobs)

Love can cross borders and love can break walls
Love can unbind us, love can define us
Love can see through what our eyes can’t undo
Love got me thinking love can do anything

Take my hand
It’s not that we’re lost
We’re just plotting a different course than we initially thought
We are free
When we’re on our knees
Put your hand in mine
We’ll make it in time you’ll see

Come with me
We’ll find what’s in store
For the heart that is bursting, the soul that is thirsting for more
We are free
Come and see
We’ll make it in time, we’ll find everything we need