Things to do with children in Cape Town – Two Oceans Aquarium

When you’re in Cape Town, it is a must to visit the Victoria & Alfred Waterfront.  There are multiple shops, catering for all sorts of shopaholics, brilliant restaurants and loads of entertainment for adults as well as children.  One of the main attractions at the V&A Waterfront, is the Two Oceans Aquarium and is definitely one of the things to do with kids on a rainy, cold winter’s day in Cape Town.

The aquarium opened on the 13 November 1995 and comprises of seven exhibition galleries with large viewing windows.  The enchantment of this aquarium is due to its location, where the Indian and Atlantic ocean meet.

  • Atlantic Ocean Gallery – This gallery allows you to discover the life of the Atlantic Ocean. Such marine life as translucent jellyfish, tiny and rare Knysna seahorse and giant spider crabs.
  • Holcim Activity Centre
  • Cape Fur Seal Exhibit
  • I&J Predator Exhibit – In this gallery you will see ragged-tooth sharks and stingrays. If you have diving qualifications you can dive in the predators’ tank.
  • Indian Ocean Gallery – Showcases six exhibits of marine life found in the Indian ocean. The anemonefish (a.k.a.clownfish) seen in the movie Finding Nemo and his friends and a wealth of other colorful fish can be found in this Ocean’s coral reefs.
  • Kelp Forest Exhibit – One of the aquarium’s biggest attractions, this underwater forest is home to shoals of silver fishes sparkling through the sunlight.
  • Sappi River Meander Exhibit

It is possible to scuba dive with ragged tooth sharks at the Aquarium if you hold a Padi Open Water Certificate.

It is also possible to host your child’s birthday party at the Aquarium where they set up a table in the restaurant with fun snacks and drinks.  They also take the kids on a guided tour around the building around feeding time for all the different animals, like the penguins and sharks.  They also go to the activity centre where the children can draw pictures, make cards, play in the sand or sit and watch the penguins.

Luke always loves going to the Aquarium and he loves telling us about all the different fish and what their purpose is.  It is definitely a very educational and fun place for children and it doesn’t matter how old you are, it is still one of the most fun things to do.

There are plenty more things to do at the Aquarium and if you go to their website: you will find opening times, their rates, about hosting your function at the Aquarium and loads more.ImageThere are rides in and around the Aquarium for kidsImageImageImageImageClownfish or better known as Nemo from Finding NemoImageImageImageImageImage  ImageThe jellyfish are definitely one of my favourites ImageImageImageLittle sea horses – they are just beautifulImageImageImageSome sharksImageSpider Crabs – they really scare me, so so big!ImageSome big lobstersImageImageAbsolutely love the penguins – Rockhopper PenguinsImageActivity centre for the kids where they can watch fish swim, the penguins and make some fun drawings ImagePlaying in the sandpit brings a lot of joy to the little onesImageEven the parents can partake in the fun activitiesImageImageKids love seeing how tall they are in comparison the penguinsImageImageImageInteractive touch screen TV – learn all about the different frogs and where they come from and liveImageInformation boards and TV’s all over the AquariumImageLove the African Penguins which are an endangered specie ImageImageBaby African Penguin – too cute.  Busy losing all his fluffImageFeeding time for all the Penguins.  ImageImageThey each have a name and can be distinguished from each other by the amount of black spots and how the black spots are scattered on their chestImageOne big frogImageThey even have snakesImageFeeding time and a guide telling us all about the different fishImageLoved seeing the fish being fedImageHand feeding the sharksImageVery scary sharkImageRagged tooth sharks….you can go diving and swim with themImageImageBig and scary sharkImageBeautifull stingrays