Newlands Forest – Cape Town

Newlands Forest is a conservancy area on the eastern slopes of Table Mountain, beside the suburb of Newlands, Cape Town. It is owned and maintained by the Table Mountain National Parks Board, along with the City Parks Department of Cape Town, and includes a Fire Station, Nursery and Reservoir.

The forest itself is a popular walking and jogging destination, close and easily accessible from the city’s southern suburbs. Due to its location on the mountain slopes, there are impressive views eastward over the Cape Flats.

Newlands Forest is just off the M3 in Cape Town.  It’s a beautiful forest nestled in the hustle and bustle of city life.  So if you feel like getting away from the busy city life, whether it’s going for a nice family walk, trail running, hiking or taking the dogs for a run or walk, this is the perfect place.  There are loads of pathways, so you can choose whether you want to be adventurous and explore all the little rivers and bridges or whether you just wanted to get the dogs out of the house for a nice afternoon out.  It is imperative to take poo bags with you and to clean up after your dog.  The forest is full of doggie poo bins to make it easy for you to dispose of the bag with poo.  ImageAbandoned old building – beautiful for photosImage


ImagePatches loving the walk in Newlands Forest – he was exploring everythingImage


ImageLooks like an old broken down shed in the middle of the forestImageDoggie Poo Bin – this is the place to dispose of your dog’s pooImageWhat looks like parts of a broken down shed, full of GrafitiImageSigns are up in the Forest to remind dog owners to have their dogs on their leashes and to pick up their poo.ImageOne of many little streams and rivers in Newlands ForestImageEven Scruffy enjoyed a nice walk in the ForestImage


ImageOne of many walk ways in Newlands ForestImage

Newlands Forest is suitable to walk and sit somewhere and have a picnic.  The scenery is beautiful, it’s quiet and serene.  The perfect break away from the rush of every day life.